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Bluum Box review

A mother and her child are inseparable. From the day she is pregnant, she knows that she’ll never stop loving her baby. The baby inside the womb knows that if there is anyone who’ll love him or her unconditionally, it’ll be the parents. The bond between parents and their child is as pure as nature. The feelings that a mother and a father have for their baby is unexplainable. They always want to be giving, caring and humble towards the baby. They see to it that each and every demand and need of the baby gets fulfilled even before he or she is born. Without the baby saying a word, the parents know what it wants.

To celebrate such an amazing bond and to cherish it, even more, we present you Bluum Box. A Bluum Box is a gift from you to your preciously beautiful baby and is a way to show the baby how much love him or her. Bluum Box has things from toys and books to every accessory that is needed. The joy of seeing the joy on your baby’s face is priceless and Bluum Box enables you to see this joy.

What is Bluum Box?

In simple words, a Bluum Box is a monthly box of new goodies for moms and their munchkins. If you’re pregnant, you can plan or subscribe to this box during pregnancy. You can choose from over thousands of varieties of gifts, toys, and accessories for you and your baby. Bluum Box knows how tiring it is for mamas to go from one shop to another in search of a perfect product for their babies, hence they have it all in one place.

Mamas can now search the product that they want and can order everything at ease. You can subscribe to Bluum Box if your baby is under the age group of 0 to 5 years. From pregnancy to preschool, they have got it all covered.

Is Bluum Box Good for Children?

Bluum Box makes a promise: “Every product will be relevant to your family, curated for your child’s age and stage, and delivered monthly to surprise and delight you and your little one. Plus, we guarantee that each box will contain at least four or more items and have a retail value of $45 or more. None of the products has harmful chemicals.

Every product is tried and tested for your baby’s safety. Our products are completely safe to use. Our customers have reviewed our products satisfactorily and they are really happy with our service.”

That’s what Bluum Box says!

We think, Bluum Box is an excellent way to surprise your baby, especially because it has so many great items. It has no hazardous elements and the things are completely safe for the kids. So, you as a parent can now be relaxed, because your baby’s entertainment time is in safe hands (Bluum Box)!

Bluum Box reviews

How Does it work?

First of all, you can have a look at the variety of items available at the website. If you have already subscribed, Bluum Box sends you an email every month stating what all will arrive in the box. Our experts, who are also parents, test the products and then suggest you the best. If you do not like the Bluum Box, you can shuffle, change or modify the list of items for your box if the option is available.

Secondly, Bluum Box announces the box selection on the 1st of every month and the box reaches your child on around 9th of every month. When your big box arrives, you can have a delightful time with your little one as you explore new toys, books, innovative gear and awesome finds for parents. Later, if you’re satisfied with the Bluum Box, you can let others know about it by sharing a pic @Bluumkids.

How does Bluum Box Select the things I’ll get in the box?

Bluum Box calls the managers of merchandising as MOMs. It’s great how they personalize their working style with the customers, isn’t it? So the MOMs work with numerous brands to find the most innovative, kid-tested and exciting products to make your life as a parent easier and much more fun. Books, age-appropriate, high-quality toys, apparel accessories, all natural home and body care items and gear are just some types of products included in the Bluum Box. They curate your box according to age specific and gender information to provide your little one and tailor each month’s box to the milestones and interests that suit his or her developmental age and stage.

They do not let you change the items in the box as they are very confident about it. Their expertise is in finding the brands that you must have not even heard about and they only pick the best for your kids.

Bluum Box start now

When you go to the website, simply click on ‘join’. You’ll have to register yourself by putting in your details and the baby’s details. If the baby is not born, you can still register for a Bluum Box. You can select the option ‘Is This A Gift?’ if you are gifting the Bluum Box to someone. If not, let it remain unticked. Details like, ‘child’s name’, ‘date of birth’ or ‘due date’, and ‘gender’. However, if you’re pregnant and you do not know the gender of your baby, you can simply click on ‘don’t know yet’.

Once you click on ‘Get a Bluum Box’, you will be directed to pick a subscription plan:

  • 12-month plan – You will have to pay annually and will get one box free. It will cost $27 per box, whereas each box with contain goodies worth $45. The total cost of all the boxes should be $408, however, if you subscribe to a 12-month plan, you get it in $324. You save $84!
  • 6-month plan – You will have to pay every 6 months and will get one box free. It will cost $29 per box, whereas each box with contain goodies worth $45. The total cost of all the boxes should be $204, however, if you subscribe to a 6-month plan, you get it in $174. You save $30!
  • Monthly plan – You will have to pay every month for this plan and you can cancel the subscription any time. It costs $34 per Bluum Box.

The plans get renewed automatically by Bluum Box but you can cancel them at any time.

Currently, there is a spring sale and there is a discount on the 6 and 12 month plan.

Once you select a plan, you will then be directed to the payment page. You will have to fill in your address and payment details. The page will explain you in detail about the automatic renewal and how you can cancel the subscription. The website accepts almost all types of cards and payment methods.


Shipping is usually free but you may have to check it according to the area availability. It costs different to ship to different continents. Your Bluum Box will ship within 4 business days. During this time, you will get an email to see if you like the box. If you do not like the box, you have the chance to choose an alternative box. The boxes once received can’t be returned. To check with the customer service if you have received a defective piece. Otherwise, refunds and returns are not encouraged.


  1. Bluum Box has a variety of items that perfectly fit your needs and demands.
  2. Every month you have a surprise waiting for you and your child.
  3. The products of Bluum Box are completely safe for your baby.
  4. The items in the box are tried and tested before you get them.
  5. The product arrives around 9th of every month which is an ideal time for a surprise.
  6. The price of each box is quite convenient and there are great discounts on subscription.
  7. Informative books, great toys and gear are just what you and your child need.
  8. The books and toys are not only for fun but also for knowledge.
  9. Learning and fun come in a box.
  10. You can cancel the subscription any time.


  1. The subscription is auto-renewed.
  2. You will be charged as per the plan and the amount will be auto-generated.
  3. The service is only available online.
  4. It might be difficult for some people to access the website.
  5. You can’t choose the items in the box.

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Yes, Bluum Box is highly recommended for the parents who are fed up going from one shop to another to get the best books, toys, accessories etc for themselves and their babies. It is a one-stop-shop for you and your baby. The box comes with surprising and exciting accessories and items. You can subscribe the Bluum Box easily as the website has a step-by-step process that guides you through the form filling method.

All the payment modes are accepted and that is the best part about ordering from this website. We would highly recommend Bluum Box as it is safe, worth the value and the best quality product for your baby.

The discount won’t last forever, so if you’re thinking to get a Bluum Box, Bluum Box it now!

Bluum Box

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