What is Health Insurance


Insure For Your Health And Reduce Your Expenses

Health insurance is needed for everyone as it protects the family against financial difficulties which occur due to health care expenses. Health insurance is offered by every employer. There is a number of reasons to get health insurance. The primary reason is, it deduces the medical care expenses. Having health insurance is somewhat necessary.

People have to pay some amount to health insurance companies as quarterly or monthly. It is known as premium. When you are supposed to see a doctor, he may ask you to give the copy of health insurance card. The main purpose is to check whether you are medically insured or not. It is also to verify whether you are financially eligible to complete the treatment. Health insurance may cover certain things like prescriptions. It might increase the premium. There are some deductible services. The deductible is the amount of money that people have to pay out as an additional charge prior to the payment made by the insurance company.

Does Every Insurance Company has Same Coverage?

Even though the purpose of health insurance is to imply protection from large medical bills, the coverage options vary upon individuals. The insurer may delay the payment procedures which are not pre-approved. Sometimes, people may feel as unsophisticated to invest. The average age to be suffered from diabetes is 45 years. Doctors across different countries have reported that a lot of people under 20 and 30 ages have type 2 diabetes. To take a closer view on health, it is important to take health insurance at the young age so that, one can pay lower premium rate. If the age is more, the premium will be more. If you take health insurance in advance, you may enjoy tax benefits.

Types of Health Insurance:

Catastrophic Health Insurance:

This is less expensive insurance. This type of insurance may not be suitable for people who need to resolve routine illness.

Short Term Health Insurance:

It is as same as term life insurance. It is only available for the shortest period of time. Short term insurance has strict procedures and it may not cover existing medical conditions.

What is Waiting Period of Health Insurance?

A waiting period is a time required to wait before claim to services from the health fund.

Hospital cover waiting period is under Government regulations.

 The waiting periods of health insurance are explained below,

  • 12 months for existing conditions.
  • 9 to 12 months for obstetric services.
  • 2 months for palliative care.

Ways to reduce Health Insurance Premium:

Since people are highly conscious of the budget, health insurance premium may look complex. There are few ways to reduce health insurance premium.

  • Analyze What Do You Need:

Just analyze on hospital coverage and examine your exact needs. You need to pay full coverage for pregnancy, while you need to cover basic hospital services. Find out the lists of things to be covered and search policy which fulfills particular needs.

  • Put reviews on additional:

Some lifestyle programs like weight management may come under additional coverage. Additional cover may be costliest.

  • Compare your Options:

Try to compare options with health insurance partner. You can compare premiums and policy features from health funds.

  • Pay the Premium:

Government legislation may increase the premium. It generally occurs in the month of April. If you pay your premium before the beginning of April month, you are free from paying an annual premium.

Health benefits claim form

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

Health insurance has several benefits. To make clear about health insurance, those benefits are discussed below.

Ask Agreement record:

It is an important criterion to find out the accessible ones of the insurer. It is always good to go with the company with good claim agreement record.

The scope of Cover:

Do not buy a plan by comparing health insurance cost. When you choose a plan, just consider needs.

Cashless Hospital Network:

It is better to check whether the nearby hospital covers insurance with the company you are insured in. The provider or stakeholder has an agreement with the range of hospitals. However, the cashless medical resolution has both limits and sub-limits.


Premium is an additional amount to cover additional losses. It is strongly recommended to check terms and conditions related to premium.

Internal Team:

Check for plans from insurance companies which have dedicated the team to handle policies. This is further important while agreeing to medical agreement process. Most companies use third party administrator to process agreements.