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Are you ready to learn acting skills? If you want to be in a movie, you need to know about Casting360. The key to success is commitment. The most successful people are determined to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. The first step towards achieving your goal, you commit to the process. If you are not committed, then there is, of course, program, or command that will create success for you.

These Casting360 video tutorials will give you the knowledge and power necessary to achieve success. It recommends you to watch all the Casting360 acting lessons. Take your time and learn all you can. Remember that you can earn reward points that will give you more exposure on our website when casting director searching for talent. It provides acting classes; Casting360 Video tutorials are acting here to help you. Have fun and good luck!

What is Casting360?

The Casting360 Video Acting Lessons is an excellent way to quickly learn how to listen, how to create a good headshot and resume, working vocabulary, cold reading, and more. These lessons are taught by some of the best teachers of the assistant in the business. The more you know what to expect, the better prepared you’ll be on the ground that the actor’s work. These lessons will give you an advantage.

The more you are willing to listen to, the more chances you will have to land a job. Casting directors do not have the patience for new actors. If the casting director wants you to move “upstage” while listening, or ask you to bring your “sides” will you know what they are talking about? You would be better if you expect to get a job. These lessons will help you with the basics.

Aspects of Casting360:

Casting360 Video Lessons – The Casting360 Video Acting Lessons is a series of lessons that will help you prepare for the auditions, cold readings, monologs, camera equipment, etc. You can watch all the videos in the order of the lessons, and then take a short, very simple multiple choice test for each lesson. For each question you get right, you get reward points. These bonus points give you special privileges on the site. For example, if you get a total of 22 points, your picture will be posted on Casting360 home page. The goal of Casting360 is to help you prepare for the entertainment industry. The more you know, the better your chances of getting a job.

Lesson Summary – A lesson summary is a short test 4- question quiz that you take at the end of each video lesson. Remember that the more questions you get right, the more points you earn rewards and the more benefits you receive as a member. The lesson summary also help you to move to the main points of video experience one more time, so that your memory will retain information when you need it most, as well as on the next audition!

Reward Points – Casting360 efforts to help you achieve your goals. It gives you the tools and knowledge necessary for success. Each video lesson duties packed with valuable information, tips, and suggestions. It also encourages you to watch all the video in its entirety. Each video will be short, very simple multiple choice test by the video lesson. For each correct answer, you get reward points. These bonus points give you special privileges on the site.

Achievement Level – The achieving level located at the top of the page and is displayed as an orange band. The standard of performance is the completion of a meter, which gives you a visual representation of where you are in the video lessons: beginning, intermediate or advanced level. Depending on the lesson you are running will determine how far you are achieving on the meter.

Casting360 review

What Will You Get From Casting 360?

  • Once you have completed all eleven video lessons, you will have graduated from Casting360 Video Acting Lessons earning yourself an official “Casting360 Actor’s Certificate.”
  • This Casting360 Actor’s Certificate will give you special privileges to the Casting360 website.
  • Opportunities include priority in Casting Director’s talent search results, a particular badge of accomplishment for your Casting360 profile, and rewards based on the points you accumulated throughout the video lessons.
  • Most importantly, you’ll walk away from the video lessons with new knowledge and skills that will best prepare you to work in the entertainment industry.
  • Not only are these video acting lessons fun and informative, but you can also earn reward points that will give you the unique advantages of the site. For example, your photos will be shown casting directors.


  • Casting360 site includes casting for TV shows, movies, theater, modeling, dance, music and music videos.
  • You can watch the video lesson again as soon as you finish the quiz and tutorial videos.
  • Talents can create online profiles on Casting360, using photo opportunities, audio, and video.
  • After completion of the pattern, a member can view Castings unique to their field and to obey them.
  • Once you complete and pass all the video lessons, you can always go back and watch the lessons again, but you can not retake the test.
  • Also, Casting360 offers talent the opportunity to enroll in the private video acting lessons program taught by industry experts, making them more professional and employable.


  • Casting360 sites available online only.
  • It does not promote or promise of employment at all, so it is critical to understand, before signing up for that paid registration.


Finally, I highly recommend this Casting 360. Casting360 vision is to create a new age product that people will crave because it is so beautiful, so intuitive, so that the functionality is so pleasant to use, and is therefore ideally suited to the needs of users. Casting360 manages by anticipating customer needs and perform beyond their expectations.

Focusing on honesty and dedication, as well as technological progress, the Casting360 has become a premier online vehicle for matching casting directors with talent. Bringing Internet matchmaking to the world of entertainment, Casting360 has combined state-of-the-art Internet technology and entertainment industry expertise to create the 21st-century answer to the traditional casting process where those seeking talent can find it.

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