Herbs for Love


What are herbs for love?

If you don’t think herbs are sexy, think again. For centuries herbs have been used to inflame the senses, distil passion, and secure love for those clever enough to know how to use them. Have another look as the Kama Sutra for an interesting take on some of the herbal ingredients of passion.

Whether you are looking for an interesting evening’s entertainment, a soul mate, or the prowess that you’ve always dreamed of, herbs have traditionally held the key to your sexual fantasies. After you learn about the herbs of passion, you will never look at produce the same way again.

Herbs as Love Potions

Whether or not herbs have been associated with love because of their historical, literary, or anecdotal significance, for centuries people have turned to herbs to help them find true love, the happily ever after kind of love. Although the “happily” part has never been guaranteed, generations of shamans, sorcerers, and self-proclaimed witches have used herbs for love, to help believers find a mate.

Use these popular love herbs to attract true love by making a sachet of equal parts of lavender flowers, caraway seeds, and myrtle tied in cheesecloth and then concealed on your person. You may carry it in a pocket, or on a string around your neck. After a few days, add dried rose petals and cardamom seed to your sachet in order to renew its potency. The addition of these last two ingredients will also make your herb packet more fragrant.

Once the sachet has done its work and you have attracted the one you love, make him a papaya tea steeped with cloves and served with strawberries to ensure that he will be yours forever.

Passion Through Love Potions

If you are looking for passion in your relationship, try increasing the amount of chili powder you use in your recipes. Cayenne pepper appears again and again in the literature of passion inducing herbs, and Christian Ratsch in his book, “Plants Of Love,” warns against over-dosage. If you have a problem with heat, carrots have also had a long history as aphrodisiacs, and would make a great addition to any special dinner.

Herbs as Potency Enhancers

A perennial favorite in oriental cultures, those seeking sexual potency should turn to ginseng. Dr. Axel Goetz writing for realage.com, cites a study showing positive results using Korean red ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Other herbs that can assist in love and relationships are witch hazel, to mend a broken heart, and yarrow, to make sure that love lasts.

The next time love beckons, or you want to ensure that your tender feelings are returned, try giving these herbs a try and see what develops.