Electromagnetic Pollution Destroys Human Health



The latest research about Electromagnetic Pollution supports this theory.

New scientific research linked to the impact of mobile phone transmitters on wellbeing reveals shocking evidence of their harmful influences on the human brain.

The consequences of exposure to mobile transmitters are a lack of focus, irritability, trouble sleeping and loss of appetite.

That’s the conclusion of a brand new study which has been published by the British Medical Journal.

According to the study by Professor Enrique Navarro, the severity of symptoms is directly related to the level of exposure to a cell mobile transmitter.

To put it differently, individuals living close to mobile transmitters have pronounced symptoms, irrespective of race, age and other demographic variables

Human biology, and in particular the human brain, relies on electro-biochemical pathways for healthy functioning.

Mobile transmitters emit and receive electromagnetic signals.

Many scientists have long warned that continual exposure to even low levels of electromagnetic pollution can interfere with all the healthy functioning of the brain.

This latest research is indeed more alarming regarding the dangers of mobile transmitters.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity exists:

Some doctors along with the industry that financed scientists have long rejected electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a non-existent phenomenon.

But electromagnetic hypersensitivity is really a fact.

Folks do not “make it up”, but actually testify about the unwanted side effects and symptoms.

Navarro states in his study:

The expression electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been lately introduced in discussions attributing symptoms to exposure to EMFs. A review of this matter in 2010 found that 8 of the 10 studies evaluated through PubMed had reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances less than 500 m from the mobile transmitter.

It should be mentioned that all these symptoms are observed in people living near mobile towers whose power meets current safety guidelines.

In regard to this problem, the author of the study notes the current laws on cell phone transmitters are insufficient when it comes to the protection of human health.

Revision of such laws could have drastic consequences for telecommunications infrastructure.

It’s essential to notice that in case you live at a distance less than 500 meters from the transmitter, your brain is at a specially elevated danger.

The degree of electro-pollution depends upon the reverse square of the distance, so for example, people who live twice as close to the transmitter are exposed to four times higher quantity of damaging radiation.

The number of mobile transmitters is increasing drastically

In the U.S., a number of mobile towers are around 190,000, with an inclination of accelerated increase.

In addition, even more concerning is the fact that the transmitters are usually placed close to important institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches, shopping centers, and in areas to which a high number of individuals gravitate each and every day.

The highest range of the transmitter is more than 34 kilometers, which implies that their electromagnetic pollution is present in the region of as much as 34 kilometers.

In reality, the pollution extends to infinity, but the intensity is reduced with the square of the distance.

People who live within range of a couple of transmitters are in the maximum risk because they’re subjected to increased electro pollution.

It is not known precisely how many men and women on earth live in the vicinity of a mobile transmitter.

For example, in the U.S. more than half the population lives in urban areas, so it’s safe to assume that at least 150 million, but possibly as many as 300 million people are exposed to EMF pollution from mobile towers.

An identical scenario exists in the remainder of the planet.

Many individuals are conscious of the dangerous effects of mobile towers.

Occasionally we see discontent and fear of citizens, protests, and petitions.

But the transmitters continue to be set on basis of claims they are not dangerous for human well-being.

Modern society is increasingly confused, irritable and sleep deprived

Have you ever seen how people are becoming more confused and irritable?

A society that once worked properly with a certain level of common sense and decency has become disturbed.

We are increasingly seeing human irritability and confusion, and math abilities in most of the people are weakened.

Mental concentration in the population younger than 40 years is unexplainable decreasing.

Logical reasoning along with the capability to understand are at an extremely low level, especially in countries where mobile transmitters are omnipresent.

Scientists warn: our daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 million times stronger than in the time of our grandfathers

Given that numerous studies have confirmed the negative effect of cell phone radiation on the human brain, it will be unbelievably irresponsible not to ask how much the radiation emitted by mobile towers is altering the healthy brain function and boosting negative conditions in the body.

A growing number of scientists explore these questions and they came to the conclusion that electromagnetic pollution contributes to disastrous cognitive outcomes in people all over the world.

It’s assumed the EMF radiation can lead to:

genetic disorders
changes at the cellular and molecular level
behavioral issues
changes in brain function
cardiovascular diseases
sleep disorders
hormonal imbalance
immune system disorders
problems with memory and attention
metabolic disorders

What to do?

In case you are planning to move to a brand new home, make sure not to be near sources of electromagnetic pollution.

Protect yourselves against EMF radiation.

Participate in requests and protests, about which we will inform you in due time.