The Brighter Side of yoga when pregnant


Hi friends,

I feel proud to be one of the women in this world and heartily excited to share this information with all the ladies, especially for pregnant women’s. Women are a gift of nature because they can grow a life inside them for 40 weeks (10 months) and they give birth to baby whether it may be girl or boy, It is normal delivery, or Caesarean doesn’t matter. But both the mother and baby will be safe to see the world to start a new life.

Giving baby birth is not easy because once the doctor confirmed that you are pregnant, sure you must follow a lot of instruction, movements, diet plan, postures and many things to protect yourself and fetus for healthy growth. For that reason, they like to practice some yoga movements, meditations and other mind peaceful methods to avoid the mind and body stress for having happy pregnancy life.

When you search online or outside, you can find many trusted yoga centers and trainers; they will instruct and teach you how to follow the prenatal yoga steps to avoid the risk on delivery period or other cramps in the middle of the time. By practicing yoga during pregnancy will be the more significant support for both physically and emotionally because it strengthens your stamina, increases energy, breathing flow, get rid of fear and become stronger mentally. Prenatal Yoga always supports women on during or after pregnancy to restore your well-being.

Pregnant ladies can do the yoga poses which are recommended by yoga trainers in the vision of instructor. Yoga Poses will be varied for each month. So, you must do it under the control of yoga instructor to get some support from them to do the poses safely. If you are well-trained yoga teacher having pregnant, it is not a problem for you. Because you know very well what are the poses, you must follow in first Trimester, second trimester and third trimester but if you are new to this Yoga Practice, you must listen to the instructions properly to avoid the risky pain during the delivery period.

Most of us thought by doing Yoga movements are very complicated and it requires our body to stretch, flexible and bend to do all the poses. But it’s not right. Yoga is our ancient exercise, and it was followed by our ancestor to live healthily. And in olden days our Grand Parents combined Yoga Poses with their routine manual work to strengthening their body when they are pregnant, so 95% of women gave birth through normal delivery. But nowadays we are not doing manual work and always depending technology and machines to complete the house works on behalf.

So we are always facing a lot of health problems, for that reason at least follow the Yoga Poses when you confirmed the pregnancy and listen to the words of doctor or physician or yoga trainer to make your body flexible, relax your mind and stay healthy without worries during the delivery period. Once you start following Yoga Poses, sure you can fight off fatigue, sickness, mood swings, breathing problems, cramps, leg pain and much more. By following yoga poses and techniques, you can feel better deliver baby smoothly at ten months without any complications.

Here you can find a list of simple Yoga Postures that help you to avoid the risk during pregnancy as well as allows you to stay relaxed physically and mentally for having a healthy life. You can do this postures under expert vision or get support from others to help you in some movements for precautions. Most of the Yoga instructors recommend following simple and effective poses that support to strengthening your pelvic muscles to give required space for the fetus to grow healthy. Even you can feel energetic by segregating happy hormones to get the confident and comfortable mood to the baby to stay healthy in your womb.

List of Few Yoga Postures suites for 3 Trimesters:

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) (1&2 Trimesters)

  • You can do this pose by standing position and one the leg space little wide.
  • Raise your hands up and gently bend your knees to lower your buttocks like a chair posture.
  • Stand in the pose for few seconds and release breath slowly to get into normal position.
  • You can do this for atleast 5 to 10 times to relax and avoid leg cramps.

Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose 1) (1, 2&3 Trimesters)

  • Stand straight and raise up your right leg to place broader by slight turning your tip towards right side to create like an arch.
  • Slightly lower your pelvis and push of your right leg to blend little.
  • Lift your arms to raise up your hand and look forward.
  • Stay in the pose for little comfortable and repeat it to another foot.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) (1, 2&3 Trimesters)

  • Stand straight and open the leg space little wider like parallel.
  • Slightly bend your hip to the right side to touch the foot using right hand and do it same to the left side to make you feel comfortable.
  • Whenever you to the poses, hold the breath and release the breath slowly to activate the muscles and organs properly.

Malasana (Garland Pose) (1, 2&3 Trimesters)

  • It is most important posture that you can do under supervision.
  • Stand straight and keep your leg little wide at the right level.
  • Blend both the legs like doing squat on the floor and lift your body gently.
  • When doing this poses you must join your palms in front of saying “Namaskar.”
  • It helps to give birth to baby comfortably during delivery.

Baddha Konasana ( Butterfly Pose, Cobbler Pose, Bound Angle Pose) (1 & 3 Trimesters (with supervision))

  • First, you must sit on the mat and stretch your legs out.
  • Next, fold your knees one by one to join the feet at the center point.
  • You must sit straight when doing this posture and hold both the knees with your both palm for comfort.
  • Do this for few seconds and get relaxed.

The Listed Yoga Postures will help you to get rid of the risk during delivery period and helps to get normal delivery almost 90%. If you have any other health issues or complication, when you are getting conceive or under any treatment sure it will not guarantee to give normal birth to your baby. Because it depends on your body type and complications, but maximum this yoga posture will help to override the problems in some case to make the miracle in their life.

Indeed I feel happy to share this Pregnancy Yoga Postures for all beautiful women to stay relaxed, healthy and stronger while giving birth to a baby. I feel proud to say “I’m Woman” because we only can carry a life in the womb and spends time with them with full care. It’s the right time to get ready to reborn yourself by giving birth to a baby. Just throw away the fear, be happy and live healthy forever.

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