Not Peel Fruits Vegetables Eating


Do we need to peel fruits and vegetables? The secret of health lies in the peel.

Because of modern agricultural technology the food we eat on daily basis contains pesticides, it is often advised that when consuming fruits or vegetables you should always remove the peel of the fruit, while the rest of the fruit is used and processed for a meal.

However, most people do not know that it is the peel of fruits and vegetables that contains much bigger amounts of vitamins than the inside of the fruit itself.

Removing the peel leads to losing an abundant source of nutrients.

Not only that – fruits and vegetables have a certain synergy with the peel on, which means that if you take off the peel, and the core and the stem, you lose the entire intensity of a fruit.

To peel or not to peel

The idea of necessarily peeling of fruits and vegetables is linked to the arrival of pesticides and general knowledge about their harmful effects.

Since then, some things have changed – the most harmful pesticide DDT was banned, and growing fruits and vegetables naturally is more popular.

It would definitely be better to implement stricter control over fruits that have a thinner peel because when it comes to fruits with thinner peel the use of pesticides is more likely (parasite will break through the peel of the peach easier than through orange).

When you are not certain whether the food has been treated with any chemical substances, do the following.

Put purchased food items into a bowl with salted water, let them sit for approximately 30 minutes and then wash them again with fresh water.

After that, you can be sure that any toxins that may have been present are gone.

How to consume the peel

Some kinds of vegetables and fruits have a peel which is difficult to chew.

Did you know that the New Zealand kiwi fruit is eaten together with its peel?

And a lot of people around the world eat the banana peel.

If you have a problem with eating peels and crusts of fruits and vegetables, you can easily mix them in with a fruit in a blender.


Banana peel is rich in serotonin, a substance that is crucial to balance mood and therefore can reduce depression.

The inner white part of peel contains calcium, potassium and vitamin D so it contributes to dental health.



Pineapple peel can be hard to chew, however, it contains more nutrients.

The core of the pineapple is rich in the enzyme bromelain, which helps with undigested food that remains in the intestines and stomach.

For those who find it too hard to chew there is a solution, you can mix it into a juice.


Apple fruit is known as a treasure chest it is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and acids that are helpful in the digestion process.

Apple peel contains six times more vitamins than the meat.

It contains pectin – a fiber that binds toxins and helps the intestines to expel the remains of digested food.

Furthermore, the peel contains ursolic acid, which controls the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, strengthens muscles and prevents the body from decay.

Therefore, it is advised to always eat an apple with the peel to achieve maximum well-being!

Lemon, orange or mandarin peel is best eaten grated with a dish and can be put in cakes and pies.

Most likely you’ve heard about arancini specialty – cooked orange peel and rolled in sugar. It is best to use the healthier alternative of white sugar and that is coconut sugar.


Pumpkin has a harder crust, and we remove it for practical reasons.

However, based on research the Romanians as a nation have the least problems with prostate disease.

There is a simple reason for this and that is frequent consumption of pumpkin seeds which contain zinc, a very important compound for the proper functioning of the prostate.

Seeds also contain beta carotene which protects the heart and has an anticancer effect.

Potatoes, carrots, and cucumber

Vegetables – potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and zucchinis – can also be eaten without taking the peel off.

It is often not known that the peel of one potato contains the required daily amount of fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin C.

The old Taoists (ancient Chinese wise men) looked at life through a balance of Yin and Yang, and they did the same with their food.

Not only they had not peeled their carrots, but they thought it was a tragedy to remove the peel because the peel contains substances that are necessary for the flawless balance of yin and yang in the body.

Therefore, keep the peel of fruits and vegetables and treat yourself with nutritionally richer and healthier meals.