Learn More About Indian Diet Secrets to Make Yourself Fit


Best Indian Diet to Become Fit

If you want to know about the best Indian diet to lose weight, just listen to my tips carefully. Nobody will feel difficulties to follow them. Basically, a food habit plays a major role in one’s weight loss. An Indian meal is highly filled with carbohydrates and sugar. Weight loss and weight gain highly depend on caloric consumption and expenditure. If you consume fewer calories, you can lose weight. Weight gain is achieved through consumption of more calories. Follow the restricted calorie in order to reduce excess weight. However, restricted calories and exercises will work out much better. If you find out the calorie requirement to your body, you will get an idea about how much does the body need to include as diet and workout. But this is not much enough. Try to focus on healthy food options so as to avoid problems like cholesterol and blood sugar. Spend your time to find out the easiest way to lose weight.

The body needs different sources of nutrients from different foods. A single food cannot fulfill the body with essential nutrients. Therefore, a balanced body should meet different nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, and fat. The best Indian diet should ever involve food items such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, meat, dairy products, fats, and oils. In addition to the food items, do not forget to intake the proper portion of food items.


It is the most important source of energy. It is important to go with right carbs. When you have decided to go for carbs, choose carbs which are fiber filled and nutrient packed. Brown rice, millets like ragi and oats come under the complex carb.


Indians should still focus more on protein requirement. Proteins are essential to help the body to repair tissue, muscles, cartilage, and skin. A high protein diet has a major part in weight loss. It burns more calories when compared to fat. Do not forget to include one protein in every meal.


Experts always suggest that one-fifth of diet should be filled with healthy fats like monosaturated and omega-3 fatty acids. Have you ever come across Trans fats? Try to avoid Trans fats maximum.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin A, B12, D, Calcium, and iron are highly essential as they are highly important for metabolism, nerve and muscle function in addition to bone maintenance and cell production. These are derived from plants, meat, and fish. Minerals are mostly present in nuts, oilseeds, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Follow these Steps to Become Fit:

5 to 6 Meals Per Day:

Instead of having 3 large meals, try to have some small snack breaks throughout the day. Our body takes more time to digest large amounts of foods. Go for small meals in order to improve the digestion speed.

Drink More Water:

Water naturally lose weight. Since it has zero calories, you can drink as much as you want. Water will also control the hungriness. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to lose weight.

Intake More Fiber:

A person needs a few amount of fiber daily. It improves the digestion speed and also heart functionality. Oats, lentils, flaxseeds, apples, and broccoli are greatest sources of fiber.

Food Change Will Reduce Your Belly:

If you eat food items in right way and at right time, you can easily reduce your belly.  

  • Do not go for cold drinks.
  • Reduce the salt.
  • Probiotic Yogurt.
  • Drink Fluids.


Walnuts go beyond peanuts, almonds, pecans and other nuts. A few amounts of walnuts have more antioxidants. This weight loss food is low in cholesterol, but much delicious. Anyways, one should eat these walnuts in moderate amount as it contains more calories.

Beet Root:

Beetroots are naturally said to be blood detoxifier. It has minerals and natural sugar. It is also high in potassium, folic acid and fiber. This weight loss food will eliminate toxins from the body. Apart from these, it also gives protein, calcium, fiber, beta carotene, Vitamins A and Vitamin C.

Black Beans:

Black beans will take a long time for digestion. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber. It is one of the greatest weight loss foods.


Cinnamon has natural ability to control the blood sugar. This also has diabetes-fighting properties. This works well for the tooth. It effectively promotes blood circulation and helps the body to become fit easily. Add ground cinnamon instead of sugar.


This weight loss food is rich in nutrients like monosaturated fats. Almonds work best as the faster snack. This will maintain the blood sugar level.