Is it Good to Eat Red Banana During Pregnancy?


Banana Benefits in Pregnancy

Welcome to my article! This is the beginning of an incredible journey. To assist you along, I’m here to provide info on Benefits of taking banana during your Pregnancy. Giving birth to a baby is one of the exquisite experience in your entire lifetime. Pregnancy is nature’s wonder in itself where women bestowed with a miraculous gift. Women become over-conscious of her diet and exercise routine once she comes to know that she’s pregnant. In this article, I’m a woman like you, going to share my thoughts that help you have a healthy, happy pregnancy from consuming banana. Here, you can find out a detailed info and advice of consuming banana in your pregnancy. How far along are you? How big is your baby? Is that you’re so excited about hitting pregnancy milestones? Find out the enormous health benefits of Banana with me!

During pregnancy, the nutrition to your baby depends on the way what you’re eating. Hence, it is vital to eat a well-balanced diet. Commonly, intake of fruits is a healthy choice throughout your pregnancy. Fruits contain the massive range of nutrient-dense where you can be pretty sure of getting more vitamins, minerals, and fiber for yourself and your baby. Ok, let’s come to our topic, Banana Benefits in Pregnancy. Have you ever heard about benefits of eating the banana during your pregnancy? If not, you’re eating as one of fruit! Aww! That’s not good. Before consuming any fruits, it is good to know about the benefits it offers you. This myth about eating bananas during pregnancy shows you clearly about its benefits.

Is Eating Banana Good in Pregnancy or Not?

Bananas contain the good source of potassium, vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and fiber in which it is good for pregnant women to add it to her diet and snack. A National Institutes of Health has scientifically proved that pregnant women can eat 3-4 servings of banana every day. Banana contains essential nutrients and vitamins that will deliver both for mother and fetus. A medium sized banana contains 105 calories in which it will be enough to satisfy the needs of pregnant women.

Eating banana regularly promotes good health, and many values added benefits. As women, I strongly recommend you to prefer banana every day in your pregnancy. Banana will offer you the required vitamin and potassium to you and your baby in a natural way. At the ancient times, they were no pills and vitamin capsules. At that period, women use to consume fruits and give birth to their babies without any dangerous pills. Everything in nature’s way! I hope now you can be sure of eating bananas has many aspects of your pregnancy. Read on to find out how bananas help you along on your pregnancy journey.

Here I’d Peeled All The Nutrients & Benefits Found In Banana:

Banana is the most popular in the fruit range in which it has used in the diverse variety of smoothies, cupcakes, and many dishes. Bananas are everyone’s favorite. But, here we’re discussing banana is good in pregnancy and it benefits, right? Well, in reality, the promising nutrition facts keep you fully satisfied and offers you some benefits as follows. Stay focused to understand the benefits of eating bananas while you’re pregnant:

  • Potassium: A pregnant women should consume atleast 4,700 mg of potassium every day. However, a banana can offer you enough potassium to you and fetus by consuming regularly.
  • Folic Acid: At the time of pregnancy, your body requires a vast range of folic acid that helps in the development of your baby’s nervous system. And you know what, bananas have an excellent source of folic acid.
  • Iron: A lack of iron in your body leads to anemia. It causes severe complications in your child-birth where bananas possess a natural source of iron to your body.
  • Rich in Fibers: About three fourth of all women experience constipation during pregnancy. In which Banana is a fibrous fruit that helps in relieving bloating and stressed out the digestive system.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar And Cholesterol: Bananas plays a vital role for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy. A pregnant woman with low blood sugar levels can get easily exhausted, by eating a banana you can lower your blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Rich in Carbohydrates: Banana as a snack for pregnant women for every few hours helps in offering their body with enough carbohydrates.
  • And much more.

Healthy Pregnancy Banana Snack and Recipes!

Bananas can be eaten in several ways starting from the raw, grilled, smoothies and much more. There are restrictions on processing the bananas as your wish. Want a healthy snack that offers numerous health benefits? If you want to know a perfect combination of ingredients that can be consumed along with banana. Okay, Let’s get started with few banana recipes. Below are the delicious and quick banana recipes to kick-start your overall health:

  • Slice up the bananas and add them to cereal or whip one into a breakfast smoothie with yogurt, berries, or orange juice.
  • Just mash the bananas and mix with the softened butter and sugar. Then, beat in the egg and milk with walnuts and bake for 20 minutes.
  • Take a whole wheat, oatmeal, coconut flour with sliced banana.
  • Add a small quantity of cocoa powder and one banana blend it thoroughly and drink it as a smoothie.
  • Pick a banana, add some milk, water, coconut water and nut milk. Grind it well and make it as a delicious smoothie.

How Many Bananas Should Consume A Day During Pregnancy?

I’ve given you all the positive points about bananas in this article. I hope it cleared all your doubt about is bananas are safe for pregnant women or not? Many types of research show that it would be perfect to consume two or three bananas a day to provide enough nutrients and minerals to your fetus. However, it is good to consult your doctor about having the banana.

The takeaway:

As we discussed, the bananas contain essential nutrients in itself. Well! There are no side effects. But if you’re allergic to bananas, consult your doctor. A good idea of consuming banana only fresh, clean in which that safeguards you from any infections. Now you can be assured of the benefits of bananas during pregnancy, try out amazing recipes I’ve provided in this article to reap the nutritional benefits of banana. Take advantage of this article now and recommend many moms’s who don’t know the benefits of banana and give them the confidence they can able to give birth healthily. Stay healthy and ensure that you and your baby stay healthy. Have a happy pregnancy!

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