Nutrisystem Review – Best way to keep you healthy



What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a wonderful diet plan for all of those who want to lose weight and stay in great shape. It is arguably the most practical means to keep you fit, as it comes with a very practical and scientific approach to lose weight. The average weight loss that can be easily achieved is 1 to 2 lbs per week.

How does it work?

Nutrisystem’s way of weight loss is pretty simple. It takes care of the following points:

  1. Controls the food portions you eat,

  2. Provides balanced nutrition to ensure that you do not miss out the essential nutrients,

  3. Helps you fight cravings for food so that fat is not stored in your body.

It personalizes your diet so that you see definitive results. The company has been around for more than 40 years and if anyone knows how to help people lose weight, it is them. These programs have been designed after clinical tests, so there is an assurance that you will not be harmed in any way.

They have different plans to choose from for getting benefited. They offer 150 menu items for all the foodies who want to lose weight eating all they would like to eat.

Can it be customized?

Perhaps this is the most flexible diet plan on the planet since they have all kinds of plans in all permutations that you would love:

  1. Basic- It is a ready-to-eat diet kit

  2. Core- This has over 100 food varieties with the added benefit of diet counseling and tools to track your goals and progress

  3. Uniquely yours- You can customize your diet plan with it and it offers you more than 150 meal and snack options to choose from. For any foodie, it is the greatest working plan.

  4. Diabetes Plan- For those who are concerned about maintaining their sugar levels in balance, nothing is better than this. Moreover, there are Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours plans you can go for.

  5. Vegetarian- For those who are vegetarians, this plan serves the best. You do not have to forgo taste and blend for the lack of choice.

There are also some plans especially for ladies and for gents to suit the nutritional requirements of each gender correctly. This is important because gents need more calories a day than ladies.

Can I choose my food?

If I start talking about choice here, I think I will never be able to finish. The reason is simple- you will be spoilt for choice since there are loads of items on the menu that you can pick from. You can choose all you like, and the plan even offers the flexibility of adding some fresh fruits and veggies from your local grocers.

Even if you are not a person who is much disciplined, you can still stick to this plan quite easily. The simple reason is that they do not restrict you by rules- the dos and don’ts of eating. Instead, they offer you many choices so that you can choose as per your liking and style of eating.

Benefits I see

There are so many benefits. I will recount my favorites here:

  1. I can eat 6 times a day!

Yes, you read it right! People get shocked when I say that I am dieting and still eating 6 times of all my favorite food. It is neatly packaged, and easy to wrap and carry. This makes the diet very easy to follow even at work.

  1. I can eat muffins, tacos, peanut butter- anything I like

So many people question how I can eat such food highest in calories while on a diet. The great factor here is that they have packed all those snacks and meals by reducing the harmful calories and increasing the nutritional value. They work because they are custom-made. As a result, neither my sweet tooth suffers, nor do I.

  1. Simple 4-week plans

These plans are simple, easy-to-follow and last for 4 weeks. Then you can see how you are progressing and also decide whether it is working for you. It never gets boring because you can even switch from one plan to another easily without having to stick to just one plan forever.

This 4-week period is also good for you to form a habit of being diet and exercise conscious. Once you make the habit of following this plan, it becomes very easy to stick to it for the rest of your life and stay healthy as a result.

  1. Get connected with professional nutritionists

I can easily communicate with a dietician to help me get the right mix of nutrition and taste. Also, I get that feel-good factor when I share my progress and somebody approves and says that it is well done. They help me get rid of my doubts regarding whether I can add a specific fruit or veggie into my plan.

  1. Tracking progress

This is probably the most overlooked advantage of Nutrisystem. Many companies in this sector just sell you a diet plan. But they do not provide you with easy-to-use tools and apps to help you measure your regular progress. You get a boost to do better only when you are able to see the progress chart and Nutrisystem provides it!

  1. No more measuring scales in the brain

You would not have to be food conscious, counting every calorie and carbohydrate you put into your mouth. Your meals will always be enjoyable and tasty without worrying about calorific and glycemic values.

  1. Flexibility of picking food

This plan gives you enough room to select and add some fresh fruits and vegetables to the palette. The more flexible the plan, the nicer it is to follow. A frigid plan only binds and gags you to feel the lack of freedom. This also enables me to have things I like that may not be on the plan, as well as make my nutrition complete in all respects.

  1. Shipping

You will get the items shipped by Fedex, and seriously speaking, I found them to be the best courier service provider on the planet. They arrive with perfect packaging and always on time so that I am never out of supplies.

  1. Easy for busy bees

When I am too busy at work to go and grab a lunch, it is the easiest meal to take. All their food is easy to consume with little or no microwaving. I simply grab a meal pack, heat it up and then of course, eat up. A simple and less time-consuming process, isn’t it!

  1. Low Glycemic and high fiber food

The fiber has improved my digestive track over the months and thus now I have a very balanced sugar level. Also, I do not feel hungry quite often like I used to do before.

  1. Perfect for health

They do not add artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Also, there are no artificial sugars. This was the most convincing reason for me to go ahead and buy this plan couple of months ago. All those other ready-to-eat food you get elsewhere are packed with harmful things that spoil your health in the long run.

There is no benefit of looking leaner and fitter when your internal system is getting damaged with the poisons of colors, preservatives, sugars and flavors. I love to make my meals as natural as possible and this is my best option.

Furthermore, they have high protein content and zero trans-fat. This means you only keep burning all that bad fat in your body without ingesting loads of calories, carbohydrates and trans-fat.

  1. The $20 savings opportunity

For me, it is not a very huge amount. However, can you tell me that people do not care for money at all? They are currently offering $20 off on signing up with them for the “Uniquely yours” plan. There is no harm in saving a few bucks, isn’t it?

What I did not like:

When you purchase this plan and add up your grocery bill, the total amount will seem a bit expensive. However, I do not think that you should put your health at risk in order to save some money. It is a wiser option to spend well in order to maintain a perfect diet. Nobody would like to be on a hospital bed and pay those fat bills because they had consumed some grimy foods. Moreover, Nutrisystem is way cheaper than eating out; so it is still a great choice.

Do I recommend this to others?

Yes, definitely! This is by far the simplest and most effective diet plan on the planet. However, you have to follow it religiously and take part in a 30-minute exercise session per day. Just follow the guidelines and you will start seeing the results in as little as two weeks.