Stay Careful When Doing This Job


Stay Careful When Doing This Job

The process of woodworking starts with getting timber from sawmills and it continues with shipping of finished wood article or product. The woodworking industry manufactures furniture range from plywood floors to shingles. Now, let us see about the wood processing for the production of wooden products.


In some furniture manufacturing places, there are facilities to purchase dried lumber, but others perform drying using kiln or oven.


As the lumber is dried, it is sawed and machined into the shape of final furniture part such as table leg. In a normal plant, wood stuck moves from rough planner to cut -off saw or to rip saw.


Wood furniture is initially finished and then assembled. Furniture is made up of components of irregular sizes. Then finally, it will be assembled and finished.

After the completion of the assembly process, the furniture part is verified to ensure the smooth surface.


After the completion of initial sanding, an even smoother surface is obtained by spraying, sponging or dipping with water. As the surface becomes dried, a solution of glue or resin is applied and allowed to become dry. The raised fibres are sanded down to form smoother surface.

Surface Finishing:

Surface finishing compulsory needs the coating. The coatings are applied after assembling. In normal, coatings are done with fillers, stains, glazes, sealers, lacquers, paints, varnishes and other finishes. The coating is either made of the solvent-based material or water based material. Paints are usually the variety of pigments based on the desired colour.

Be Safe with Hazards:

Handle with Machine in Safe Manner:

Woodworking manufacturing has several hazards to safety and health. Safety requires the attention of woodworkers and maintenance of safe work environment by employers.

It is very important to stay careful while buying woodworking machinery without safety devices. It is the responsibility of management to offer the necessary precautionary measures prior to machinery and equipment.

Sewing Machines:

It is important to be aware of sewing machines. It is necessary to use different kinds of woodworking saws.


It is important to follow the given guidelines in order to be successful with woodworking. Stay careful while feeding table saw as to protect hands from cutting. There is no other way to protect a hand from stock into the saw. While ripping through the fence gauge near the saw, a stick should be used to complete the cut.

  • Be cautious while placing the saw blade in position in order to reduce the protrusion above the stock. It is better to stand out of the line of stock.
  • Don’t practice to saw in free-hand. For example, it is not safe to rip with the table saw.
  • Use the power feed machines where it is needed to guarantee the protection.
  • To set a gauge of the table saw without ensuring the protection, a strong mark should finalize the line of cut on the table top.
  • Before going to adjust the blades or fences, just check whether you have stopped the table saw.
  • Be confirmed to clean the brush or stick to clean sawdust and to scrap from the saw.

Cutting Machines:

Cutting machines are very dangerous if it is not handed safely. It should be always used with respect to alertness.

Connect the dust collecting systems with the machines. There are enough proofs in humans for the carcinogenicity of wood dust.

Dust Control:

Dust in woodworking production shop is often removed by local exhaust systems. There may be some considerable accumulation of fine dust which has settled on dusters.

Assembly Hazards:

A different range of adhesives is found in the veneers of panels. In addition to casein glue, natural adhesives are less and generally, it is made up of synthetic adhesives.

Surface Finishing:

In most cases, pigments are toxic due to the spray mist.

Fire Prevention:

In terms of highly flammable wood, it is important to take preventive measures to stay apart from fire.

Protect the Environment With These Measures:

The processing of wood products can get finished without any environmental damage. It can be achieved through planting trees. Deforestation has been discouraged. Engineering controls are necessary to eliminate air-borne particulates and to recover the volatile compounds. However, it is better to use water-based finishes instead of solvent-based as it may decrease the fire hazards.