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Natural Remedy for Allergy


A natural remedy for allergy is opposite of the plan currently promoted by Western medicine:

Allergy Treatment using Allopathic (Western) Medicine Protocol:

  • Identify offending substances by allergy testing and food sensitivity diaries
  • Focus on the allergens. Discuss with the patient the requirement to avoid allergens (offending substances)
  • Prescribe corticosteroids/antihistamines (or leukotriene inhibitors) to chemically calm down the body’s response to allergens and deaden the body’s reactions to the offending substances which produces a lessening of symptoms
  • “Educate” the patient into believing that if symptoms disappear then they are “cured”. Tout the treatment as a success when symptoms subside, all the while the person’s weak immune system limps along…. setting the person up for more serious immune rooted ailments, such as cancer, or autoimmune disorders.

Everyone knows how critical protein is for the body. We can live without starches, but we certainly can’t live long without protein. A byproduct (a waste product) of protein metabolism is uric acid.

When the kidneys are functioning poorly, they do a poor job of getting rid of uric acid. It just doesn’t build up in the blood, it settles in the joints, and accumulates in the joint fluid.

When the fluid becomes so saturated with uric acid, it crystallizes and then inflammation begins to try and protect the joint from the jagged edged crystals.

Allergy Treatment using Holistic (Natural) Medicine Protocol:

  • Educate the patient into understanding that the “allergens” are not the focus, but their body’s overactive response to the allergen or allergens. Empower the patient to understand the important role of the immune system and how important it is to strengthen the natural immune response instead of deadening it with chemicals that merely mask the symptoms. Explain to the patient that the immune system responses (symptoms) that they are experiencing are the signals that lead us to understand that they are at a heightened risk for developing more serious immune mediated diseases, most of which are not curable, only manageable.
  • Convey the message that the patient’s environment will always exist and that the solution lies not in changing the environment, but in changing (restoring) the person’s response to that environment. This is the key to eliminating symptoms.
  • Ask the patients about their diet, sleep patterns, and general emotional state. Explain the relationship between these three life patterns and how these three things either boost their immune system or keep it in a state of constant over reaction.
  • After spending at least an hour understanding this individual’s unique patterns, provide a written holistic plan to restore their immune system to peak performance. Encourage the patient to believe that if they will follow the simple, low cost measures they will see complete elimination of symptoms or a measurable easement of symptoms making chemical treatments completely unnecessary.

Immunity Education: The Key to Overcoming Allergic Responses

The magnificent immune system is responsible to seek and destroy offending substances and pathogens that the body is exposed to. Given the daunting task, most people are oblivious to everyday activities that challenge and drive down the immune system.

Everything that we put on our skin, breathe, and eat, affects our immune system in one way or another. Even breathing a single breath of life produces free radicals that have to be mopped up by the immune system.

So what are we to do? Live in a plastic bubble? Is that living? NO!

We have to live normally…. we can’t become health freaks…but there are some simple things that we can do everyday to boost our immune response…

Part I –  Reduce Self-Damage to The Immune System

1)    Eliminate as much sugar from the diet as possible. It takes 6 hours for the immune system to recover from one teaspoon of sugar. Sugar is not called white poison for nothing…it is a dead food…completely denatured… and every little white crystal robs your body of nutrients in trying to digest it. Not only does it not provide any nutrients, it robs your body of Vitamin C, E and other vital nutrients that protect your immune system. Sugar is particularly offensive and damaging to the beneficial flora in the colon that is an integral part of the immune system.

2)   Never eat a hot dog, or deli meat without taking at least 1000 mg. of Vitamin C  as your choice of C.

3)  Avoid cheeses that have been treated (preserved) with a genetically engineered mold inhibitor called nanomycin. It is unknown the long term genetic effects of nanomycin on human DNA, but in the meantime, this antibiotic/antifungal like substance does a fine job of destroying beneficial flora in the colon. Immunity begins in the colon and anything that disrupts the good growth of immunity protective flora is a threat to the whole body. Read the labels and avoid Kraft cheeses especially.

4)   Avoid as much foreign fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. Foreign soils have been proven to have much higher levels of arsenic, lead, DDT, cadmium and other immunity destroying substances. Foods grown in these soils keep the immune system suppressed. I realize that American soils are also polluted, but at least we can keep an eye on what is grown here. We really have no idea what is going on in foreign countries. We don’t stand a chance…how can we police so much produce from poor countries that are much more concerned about profits than protecting people’s health? Organic is best, of course. But I only trust American organics.

5)   Invest in disposable gloves to wash the car, clean the house, handle potting soil, wash the dishes, scrub the tub, etc. Avoid chemical contact on your skin and wear a respirator to avoid breathing any chemical, or dust.

6)   Always run your car on recirculate when driving in city traffic, especially in rush hour. Avoid driving behind a diesel truck or bus.

7)   Avoid mercury dentals fillings (which leach mercury vapors each time you chew) whenever possible and avoid the fatty parts of fish that contain the highest levels of mercury. Mercury, like arsenic, is very immunosuppressive and scientific evidence suggests that it is strongly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and degenerative neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Part II – Food Substances That Heal and Boost the Immune System

  • Ester C Vitamin C  to bowel tolerance. Discover the procedure for determining your personal signature need for Ester C by going to Cold Remedy. The healthier your immune system the less Ester C your body will “tolerate”.
  • Quercetin , a special bioflavonoid derived from a super green food, spirulina. This special substance quenches overactive histamine and acts as a super active antioxidant to mop up free radicals that are challenging a normal immune response.
  • Echinacea extract is an herb with a long history of purging the lymph system, which is responsible for draining waste products out of the blood stream.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (derived from raw potato peelings) is a special antioxidant that the liver uses to manufacture glutathione and extend the effectiveness of Vitamin E and C in the bloodstream. The liver, the primary detoxification organ, filters out poisons that tax the immune system and is responsible for the conversion of blood glucose to simpler, sugar- based substances that the brain and other organs use as fuel and manufacturing components of blood, various cells, and cytotoxic killing agents that destroy viruses, bacterium, and other pathogens.
  • Milk Thistle Extract , although primarily associated with the regeneration of liver cells, is a prime antioxidant that assists the lymph and endocrine system in moping up free radicals that are attacking cells, especially epithelial cells that line the nose, mouth, throat, lungs, and colon. When these cells are under fire from pathogens or toxins, a cascade of hyper-inflammation results causing bothersome symptoms.
  • Burdock Root is a strong smelling root that is a very effective detoxification herb that purges the bloodstream.. It is best taken in capsule form to flush the bloodstream of offending allergens.
  • Acidophilus , Kefir and other beneficial bacteria produce chemicals (used by the immune system) as part of their respiration in the colon. These bacteria are easily destroyed with antibiotics, alcohol, artificial sugars such as Equal that converts to formaldehyde in the digestive tract, refined sugar, artificial colors/flavors, and other poisons that are destructive to the cells of the body. Follow the instructions on the label, keep in the refrigerator and use it all promptly. The shelf life is limited on these types of bacteria and they are delicate.
  • Apple Pectin and other soluble fibers that soak up poisons and waste products in the colon. (Don’t confuse simple pectin with Modified Citrus pectin that is used in the treatment of prostate cancer and ovarian cancers. This special form of pectin affects the capacity of cancer cells to replicate.) The more effectively you eliminate waste from the body the more optimum your immune response will be. It has often been stated that, “the immune system begins in the colon.”