Agile Health Insurance now offers short-term health insurance as per the latest regulations


Agile Health Insurance is a renowned name in the insurance industry and has featured in a number of media platforms like The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and a lot more. The company now offers short-term health insurance products as per the latest changes in the insurance regulations.

As per regulation CMS-9932-F which was finalized between October and December last year and is effective from 1st of April 2017, the short-term insurance policies are now limited to the terms of less than 3 months. In the past, the states were allowed to determine the availability as well as the length of the short-term insurance policies. On the basis of the state of the customer’s, currently, the short-term plans were available for up to 12 months.

However, this limitation in the tenure of short-term policies does not mean that the customers would be required to remain without coverage. Instead, they will now be required to renew their policy after every 3 months to ensure that their coverage doesn’t lapse.

With the increasing focus on the healthcare reforms as well as the President’s Executive Orders for reducing limitations, this new change in the regulation might be rescinded in future. Agile Health Insurance was one of the first to offer short-term policies as per the new regulations. The company also encouraged its customer’s to go for longer-term plans before 1st of April and allowed them to cancel the plan at a later stage if they didn’t require additional months.

Agile Health Insurance specializes in short-term insurance plans and offers an affordable option to its customers who are looking for coverage until the time they enroll in another plan or are between jobs. After the changes in the regulations too, the company offers several short-term insurance plans which are not only affordable but highly flexible to meet the individual needs of the customers.

Customers can easily log on to the website of Agile Health Insurance, provide their details like Location, Payment Options, Date of Birth, etc. to get an extensive list of plans which suit their needs. One can easily compare the plans and then select one which best suits their budget and insurance needs. The company offers free quotes online to further make it easier for the customers to select the right policy.

The company offers short-term insurance plans from a number of reputed insurance companies, like Everest Prime, Companion Life, United Health One, Nationwide, Standard Life, and many others. The plans are available on individual as well as family floater basis. The premiums for these policies are highly inexpensive and almost half of what one is required to pay when they choose an ACA (Affordable Care Act) plan. Also, unlike these policies, the policies sold by Agile Health Insurance can be purchased any time without any kind of enrollment or waiting period.

The plans offered by the company generally have an extensive network of healthcare providers. This ensures that the customers would be able to select their preferred hospital or doctor for the treatment. Moreover, the policies are also accepted at a number of top cancer centers in the USA.

With the increasing cost of medical services, there is no denying that any major illness or injury can be financially devastating. Agile Health Insurance focuses on providing policies with the help of which the policyholders can have a higher coverage as compared to the standard short-term policies. With a major focus on keeping the policies highly affordable, one can select the right short-term plan which perfectly suits their insurance needs right within their budget.