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Amazon Prime UK review

Are you looking for unlimited entertainment which you can access from anywhere? Are you looking for a smart investment in the segment of entertainment? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then Amazon Prime is your one and only answer.

In terms of both popularity and features, the streaming entertainment service is growing by leaps and bounds. The service introduces a host of advanced entertainment features which ensures you do have an exciting time when you are not working and quickly get into the groove.

About Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is a lucrative membership program which allows millions of tech-savvy users get access to hot streaming videos, live music, digital books, photos, exciting games, TV shows, recent blockbuster movies, soaps, and lots more that you can look forward to at an extremely nominal subscription.

Best described as your ultimate gateway to the world of live entertainment, it can be your ideal alternative to cable and satellite TV service at a lower cost. You just need a compatible gadget to get started. This includes Amazon Fire TV, smart TV, game consoles, Blu-ray player, mobile phones, selected tablets, laptops, etc.

What are the Fantastic Features of Amazon Prime?

Equipped with several upgraded features, Amazon Prime can be your one-stop entertainment station. Some of the outstanding attributes of Amazon Prime are as follows:

Amazon Prime Instant Videos: Hundreds of movies and TV shows are in store for you as soon as you get access. You can watch all the latest blockbusters that range from different genres such as sci-fi to romance, thriller to comedy. The videos have the best picture quality, crystal clear sound effects and excellent content to give you a theatre-like experience.

This is due to the fact that the streaming service collaborates with the best international broadcasters to satisfy the customers. So, you don’t need to rush to the nearest cinema theatre or multiplex anymore to watch your favourite stars of the silver screen. The video streaming service is ideal for those who are crazy about showbiz and a complete film buff.Free Kindle Digital Books: If you are a bookworm and fond of reading books online then a subscription to Amazon Prime will give you access to a free ebook every month. You just need to own a Kindle.

Prime Music: Play any song you want to listen to, and the streaming service will get you access to free music and millions of original tracks without any advertisement or interruption. Just get started from anywhere and any compatible smart device such as mobile phones and laptops.

Mobile and tablet users having the Amazon Music app installed on their device, can download Prime Music for offline playback. Downloaded prime music can only be accessed through the Amazon Music app and cannot be exported. However, you need to be a prime member to enjoy this facility.

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How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime?

It involves three easy and simple steps:

  • Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial

  • Click Start your free trial

  • Follow the on-screen instructions


  • Flexible Program: The best thing about Amazon Prime is that you can change or cancel your membership anytime.
  • Quick Shipping: You’ll be able to enjoy one-day delivery if you are in U.K and for this, you don’t have to spend more other than your usual subscription.
  • Free Trial: You can get a 30-day free trial by signing up for it. For 30 days, you won’t be charged anything, and you will be upgraded to a paid member automatically.
  • Can Be Watched offline: After downloading the videos, photos, and music tracks, you can watch them without using the internet. However, for this, you need to have the prime video app. Watch them offline on the app when you download chosen items to your iPhone, iPad, Fire Tablet or compatible Android device.
  • Watch Anywhere: If you have a smartphone or laptop, you can subscribe to the program and watch the videos from anywhere. Besides videos, you can also get access to any soundtrack, TV shows, soaps, digital books from other smart devices such as Amazon Fire TV, smart TV, game consoles, set-top boxes, Amazon devices, Blu-ray player, etc.


  • Ecosystem locks you in

  • Desktop video app is not available

Amazon Prime UK reviews

Final Verdict:

To sum up, Amazon Prime is an amazing innovation and breakthrough that can provide millions of users access to great entertainment in the form of digital books, soaps, videos, music, photos, inside scoops and much more than you need to get going in your leisure time. Moreover, if you are curious to gather information about your favourite celebrities and movie stars, this is it.

And all this at a nominal subscription. Just sign up for this program and make the best investment of your life. With the 30 days free trial, you have only to gain and nothing to lose.

If you don’t sign up for the program now, you will surely regret later.

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