Why Yoga is an Extremely Effective Way to Lose Weight


Yoga and Its Impacts On Weight Loss

Since long years, Yoga has been the practice to live healthily. It focuses on mind, body, and soul. It is the best practice for people independent of ages. Yoga is a science and the way of being. It also refers science of being youth for a time. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a traditional Indian practice which is not only related to physical well being but also related to internal health. If one practice yoga every day, one can feel the difference in terms of anything like mentally, physically and spiritually. As an add-on thing, it will also help one to do weight loss.

Benefits of Certain Yoga Exercises:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss:

Having a consultation with the yoga practitioner is very important to understand the importance of yoga and its relationship to the body. By only practicing, yoga will deliver certain benefits to the body. As per one, it is important to understand the different factors which contribute to weight gain. Aside of wrong dietary habits, one should necessarily identify that weight gain is due to the wrong functionality of the body.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar:

It is the most known and widely practiced Asanas. It comprises 12 different yoga poses which focus on different parts of the body. Surya Namaskar is great for the entire body as it involves different poses. According to experts, Surya Namaskar is the great way to keep the body in the active state. It helps in exercising every part of the body. It also strengthens the skeletal system including ligaments. It eases out stress and anxiety.



With this, one should bring hands in front of the chest and straighten stretched leg pointing outwards while other legs should be kept at ninety degrees. The warrior poses work on legs, thighs, and arms. It will help you to improve blood circulation.

Triangular Pose

Triangular Pose:

Start with wide-legged stance and turn downright foot. Stretch arms out and push the right side of waistline over the right leg. Keep right palm on the ground. This asana works on sides of the bodyarms, and thighs.

Upward Plank:

This seems to be difficult to crack towards the start, but this asana will leave you as gratified. This works on back, shoulders, arms, spine, and wrists. It is also good for the respiratory system. Sit in such a way that, legs should be stretched in front.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose:

Lie down back and remain in V-shaped position. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Millions of people across the world are facing health-related issues, especially obesity. The body becomes weak and it decreases the possibilities of the longer lifespan. It has adverse effects on health. Yoga is ready to show positive impacts on health like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and certain types of cancer.

Over-weight people have the higher risk of blood pressure, heart disease and illness. Losing weight is easier. Yoga is an effective exercise to lose weight. Nowadays, yoga serves the most to lose weight. There are some topmost yoga exercises to reduce weight in natural ways. The secret of weight loss is hard. However, if you are looking to lose weight, start doing yoga.

Cause for Obesity:

Weight Gain:

There are certain reasons for obese like stress, high toxicity, loss of physical activities, insufficient sleep and low basal metabolism. Research has proved that yoga is the best exercise to lose weight. Yoga brings down the relationship between mind, body, and soul.

Purpose of Yoga for Weight Loss:

Yoga is the best way to stay relaxed. Stress is the major reason for obesity. Therefore practice yoga daily in order to avoid stress. As high toxicity is a sign of obesity, pranayama is the best breathing exercise.

Yoga for Thyroid Gland:

If thyroid glands are not working, then it leads to cause more weight. Some kinds of yoga exercises will produce an impact on the thyroid gland. This makes it work properly.

Cures Gastrointestinal Problem:

Poor digestion is known as the reason for weight gain. Yoga practice helps one to improve metabolism.

To Clear Stomach Disorders:

Stomach disorder is a reason behind weight gain. Yoga clears out the stomach disorder.

Strengthens Muscle and Brings out the Flexibility:

The perfect diet plan with yoga will give the good result for people who are looking for weight loss.

Yoga – Weight Loss Tips:

Though Yoga has the greater impact on weight loss, it is important to go with some simultaneous tips to be done. However, yoga tips for weight loss will certainly help to everybody.  

  • Try to avoid eating fried foods. Regular exercise shows you a way for healthy living.
  • Drink the glass of gourd juice in the morning and yoga exercises for 1 month to realize the change.


Yoga boosts up the flexibility. During the beginning period, you won’t feel as easier to do. If you start to follow, you will be noticing everything to be easier to do. Yoga increases the flexibility of parts of the body. Tights hips strain the knee joint.

Build Muscle Strength:

Strong muscles do more. They also protect us from different conditions like arthritis and back pain. It prevents us from conditions like arthritis and back pain.

Protects Posture:

Poor posture may cause back, neck, muscle, and joint problems. Once you learn the way to do the good posture, you will start to realize different benefits from yoga.

Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown:

Every time, you practice yoga, you may suppose to take joints through full range of movements. This helps in the prevention of degenerative arthritis. It receives fresh nutrients while its fluid is squeezed out.

Improvement of Bone Health:

Yoga postures make everyone to lift own weight. This improves the bone health.

Increases Blood Flow:

Yoga increases the blood flow. Relaxation exercises will help you for circulation. Poses are thought to wring out venous blood from internal organs.

Drains Lymphs:

When you contract and stretch muscles, the drainage of lymph is said to be increased. This helps the lymphatic system to fight the infection and cancerous cells.

Increases the Heart Rate:

If you regularly boost up the heart rate into aerobic range, you will reduce the risk of heart attack. Though all yoga activities do not belong to well being, some of them could lower down the risks like heart problems. A study found that subjects like pranayama will do more with oxygen.

Drop Down Blood Pressure:

If the blood pressure level is high, you should start doing yoga. Studies of people with hypertension have proved that yoga is believed to slow down the rate of blood pressure.

Regulates Adrenal Bland:

Yoga reduces the level of cortisol. The adrenal glands secrete cortisol in reacting to the acute crisis. Temporary level of cortisol will help one with long-term memory. The excessive cortisol has been linked with problems like depression and osteoporosis. The body takes additional calories and distributes as fat in the abdomen.

Feel Happy:

The study has found that consistent yoga practice improved digestion and led to cause the increase in serotonin levels and decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidize.

Live a Healthy Life Style:

Eating less and moving more is the basic thing for every dieter. While doing regular practice, you can expect to release the calories. Yoga also inspires you to become further conscious.

Reduce Blood Sugar:

Yoga reduces blood sugar and LDL. A person who has diabetes and lowered blood sugar has found yoga to be the most effective one in multiple ways. It lowers down the cholesterol and adrenaline levels. Start doing yoga to reduce the blood sugar level. By this, you can confirm that you can stay away from problems like heart attack, kidney failure and etc.

Focus on Particular Thing:

An important thing of yoga is, it enables everyone to focus on the present thing. Yoga helps you to concentrate on the thing.


Practice doing Yoga in order to get away from any health-related problems. Yoga is not only dealt with internal health but also related to external health. Please do yoga regularly in order to stay away from anything. Apart from being an exercise related, beyond, it goes in life. When you start practising yoga, you can realize at the number of benefits. Besides health, it gives you some boost.