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Beenigma Review

Beenigma is an anti-aging face cream. The aging symptoms around the eye and forehead start appearing once people hit their early 30s. Then they start searching for that one face cream which can actually make the wrinkles and the lines disappear like the products claim to do through their descriptions and advertisements.

Beenigma has revolutionized the world of anti-aging since its introduction. With thousands of products already in the market claiming to make the wrinkles and lines disappear and hundreds more being produced each day to slow down the aging processes, Beenigma has been able to build its own mark among them.

Therefore, Beenigma is unlike the usual anti-aging creams that claim to reduce the aging-related problems effectively but finally give no result. The price of it is not much expensive and of course, you can get it no matter where you live.

What is Beenigma?

Beenigma is an age-defending face cream manufactured in New Zealand. All the ingredients of the cream are collected from the home country. Made from natural products like purified bee venom and Manuka honey, Beenigma is a composition of natural ingredients that work effectively to reduce the aging lines that appear on the forehead and around the eyes to give the skin a new life.

Looking younger than the actual age is always a tough job for all. But Beenigma anti-aging face cream contains several constituents to naturally help you reduce your changes in the skin caused due to aging. Its use has no side effects and the result is smooth, firm and younger-looking skin. You will once again look like the way you did when you were in your early and mid-20s.

Why use Beenigma?

Once you hit your early 30s, your face starts showing the signs of aging. Wrinkles appear around your eyes and forehead, and your youth starts to fade away. Many people use various anti-aging face creams and some even use Botox injections to eradicate the aging signs. Such creams are expensive but not much effective. On the other hand, injecting Botox into the facial muscles is a painful process. Also, there are high chances of getting facial muscles paralyzed when Botox is injected in the wrong set of muscles. This method not only damages the facial skin but also may lead to unrecoverable facial deformities.

So, Beenigma is the perfect solution for all your unwanted wrinkles and lines. Its ingredients comprise Mafe from purified bee venom, Manuka honey, protein, peptides, amino acids, key enzymes and much more. Beenigma works effectively to provide you with smooth, young skin. Many people with wrinkles have already used the product and all of them have found drastic positive changes in their skin. They say the cream has provided their skin a new life. Now, they feel their skin is much younger, firmer and beautiful than ever.

What is Beenigma made of?

Beenigma is a home product of New Zealand. As said earlier, it is mainly made of two natural ingredients: purified bee venom and Manuka honey. Other components used in the Beenigma anti-aging cream are:

  • Glycerol stearate SE
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Stearic acid
  • Butyrospermum parkin (Shea butter)
  • Glycerin
  • Ceteareth -20
  • Decyl Oleate
  • Dimethicone
  • Triethanolamine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Water

How does Beenigma work? 

Each ingredient used in the Beenigma age defending face cream has its own functions. Some of the ingredients work to eradicate the aging lines while others provide the skin with a younger and smoother tone.

Manuka Honey: This honey got its name from the place of its production, Manuka Bush in New Zealand. Manuka honey is the only honey to have rare antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that have a healing power. Use of this 20+ medicinal grade honey helps fight off harmful bacteria and microbes to make the skin germ-free.

Honey Bee Venom: Honey Bee Venom is a strong anti-aging ingredient. If you have been stung by a bee then you definitely know about that slight stingy feeling and swollen skin. This venom works exactly the same way. Once you apply Beenigma on your face, you will feel a stingy sensation due to the venom. After the stingy sensation and swollen skin, your skin will start producing collagen and elastin. They are the main proteins for a youthful skin and the building blocks for the smooth skin as well. These proteins then work their way towards the skin cells to rejuvenate the skin and provide the necessary components for repairing the damaged cells.

How to use Beenigma?

Beenigma is a luscious and soft anti-aging cream that can be applied to the face and neck. It is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin once you apply it.

  • In order to use Beenigma, first, wash your face to make your skin clean.
  • Take a small amount of cream and slightly spread it over the skin using your fingertips.
  • If you feel a stingy sensation, it is not due to its side effect. Rather it signifies that the cream is suitable for your skin and is already on its way to manage the wrinkles and the aging lines. But if you are allergic to the cream, do not use it.
  • The cream is meant to be absorbed by the skin, so you don’t need to wash it immediately.

Moreover, you can use it underneath your makeup. There is no reactive ingredient in this age-defending cream, so you can use it multiple times a day and even at night before going to the bed.

Additional info

  • Beenigma can be used for all types of skin. No matter whether you have dry or oily or mixed skin, Beenigma will surely provide you positive results sine it works as per a ‘one for all’ strategy.
  • It is also beneficial for acne-prone skin. Manuka honey is highly concentrated with anti-bacterial properties, so it solves acne issues.
  • Honey bee venom helps in the production of skin repairing agents: collagen and elastic in. So, the Beenigma face cream also repairs cars and damaged cells.
  • Beenigma jar should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat. You can store it in the fridge to get the cooling and refreshing feel on your skin when you apply it in the morning.

What is the appropriate age to start using Beenigma?

You never know when your skin will start aging and when the wrinkles and lines will appear on your face. The aging process actually differs as per the hereditary and personal traits. Some research findings say that it’s beneficial to start using Beenigma once you touch your 30s. With this product, your oily and acne-prone skin days will be over.

What are the pros of Beenigma?

  • Beenigma is produced using only natural ingredients. So there will be no side effects on your skin unless you are allergic to bees. You can easily test the cream by applying it on your palm or elbow before using it. It is beneficial for all skin types.
  • Users can easily detect if the cream is working for them or not. If they get a stingy sensation once the cream is applied, it shows the ingredients are working and the cream is compatible for the skin. You will also feel that your skin is becoming tight, firm and vibrant instantly.
  • If you find no such sensations after the cream is applied or if you don’t find satisfying results, you can always return your Beenigma jar within 60 days of purchase. You will be fully refunded and it doesn’t matter if the jar returned is full or empty.
  • Beenigma is cost effective and durable as well. A small jar of 50gm Beenigma cream can last for at least 3-4 months.

What are the cons of Beenigma?

The only negative point of this product is that it will not work on your skin if you are allergic to bees. Since honey bee venom used in the product works to repair skin, users allergic to bee venom will not get any results.

Final Verdict:

Maintaining the beauty of your skin once you start aging is not easy. People use various products with promising accomplishments only to find them disappointing in the end. Those products may work for some time but in the long term, all the chemicals used in the product will cause trouble for you.

So, instead of taking such high risks, it is wiser to use Beenigma as your anti-aging cream which is completely made of natural ingredients. The side effects of it are none but the positive points are many. Soon, you will see that your skin is getting the new life once you apply the cream on your skin. You will never know how beneficial this anti-aging cream is until you try Beenigma yourself and see the differences.