Herbs & Teas

Herbs for Love

February 8, 2017 Leah Bailey 0

What are herbs for love? If you don’t think herbs are sexy, think again. For centuries herbs have been used to inflame the senses, distil passion, and secure love for those clever enough to know […]


Electromagnetic Pollution Destroys Human Health

February 5, 2017 Leah Bailey 0

The latest research about Electromagnetic Pollution supports this theory. New scientific research linked to the impact of mobile phone transmitters on wellbeing reveals shocking evidence of their harmful influences on the human brain. The consequences […]

Herbs & Teas

Harvesting Herbs

February 2, 2017 Leah Bailey 0

Harvesting herbs throughout the summer to get the best flavor. Harvesting herbs are slightly different from harvesting vegetables and fruit. For vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers we harvest the fruit of the plant; for […]